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Our Carolina Slab Mealcake 2' x 1' x 1 inch thick
5 days underwater
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as of 4/12/14 Over 800 cases of Carolina Mealcakes have been shipped out on time and delivered without a lost.
Made in America   
Carolina Cottonseed Oil Meal Cake Website
Open for business every week for over 111 year's
a division of S.F. Sherard & Sons and Tri S Ranch 
Selling on the web nearly 20 Years..
Always closed on Saturday and Sundays and holidays.
If you need to get in touch, please use Our  E-MAIL  (just click it)
Check out the FYI page for answers to the most asked questions over the last 20 years.
We make it, we sell it and we ship it.
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Carolina Cottonseed Oil Meal Cake
(South) Carolina CottonSeed MealCake Slabs are cut up, packaged & shipped to any USPS address in the  U.S.A..
All of the real cottonseed oil in the cottonseeds is left in our Carolina cottonseed mealcakes. 
Yes, we do use a press.. Cylinders, 10" bore w/5" rod and
the big one is/was 440v  w/15-16" bore w/7.5" rod.
  Carolina Mealcake made in S.C.
  A hyster showing a full size slab on a pallet
Average est. price per whole Mealcake slab is $15.00
Est. size of slab BEFORE I cut it is 
2 foot x 1 foot x 1 inch thick
 U.S.P.S. Flat Rate shipping prices  per box are $12.00 for the 8 x 11 box size,(can hold up to 2 slabs)
 and $16.20 for the USPS 12 x 12 Flat Rate box.
USPS charge went up to $17.45 on this box, I haven't. You save an extra $1.25, for now.
( this one holds 2 or 3 slabs)
These Flat Rate shipping charges are included in our prices listed.
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 Order By Mail ?? Here's How..
If you want to order by mail, just send a check, or money order and a note with what you want off the web site, and a email address if you can.
P.O.Box 605
Calhoun Falls, S.C.
This was the last bale of cotton I ginned in our family's cotton gin. Cotton Gin was destroyed for a 4 lane highway leading to a State of Georgia 2 lane a few miles down the road.
3 of our priority mail boxes
Carolina Cottonseed Mealcake food and fish attractant.
 For fishing baskets or hanging out around docks or just throw it in and bait a hole.
No holding bag is needed !  Nothing to add,  it's already in the mealcake!
Fish have to eat on it to make it go away..And it won't be falling apart or disappear when it touches water like some others do.  
Thanks in advance for your order..
Our web site E-mail is
Thank You
 Goggle has our address and numbers wrong, use e-mail 
We are right outside of Calhoun Falls (Lake Russell) in Abbeville County, S.C.  P.O. Box 605 zip is 29628

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You can reach us by any one of these E-Mails below for more Information. 
God Bless Our Troops 
  Tribute To All Past and Present U.S.A. Christian Soldiers....Freedom is Never Free..
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