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Mealcakes for Trout - Hybrid Striped Bass -Yellow Perch - Largemouth Bass - Red Drum

CM3SlabSF 6 - 11 x 12
Product and Description:
6 MEALCAKES (cut size is 12" wide x 11" long each)
This is 3 full Slabs of cottonseed mealcake
Great for Drawing Hybrid Striped Bass -Yellow Perch - Largemouth Bass - Red Drum
Hang it out by your dock or throw it in your favorite Fishing spot or make a new fishing hole.
carolina and hoggum slabThis order will be for 3 slabs cut up into 6 pieces 12" wide x 11" long 001.jpg in a box6  11 by 12 mealcakes in a 12 by 12 priority mail
CM3SlabSF 6-11x12 This order is for 6 cut MEALCAKES 12" wide x 11" long
Total is $59.98 Delivered to your U.S.P.S mailing address.**
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